Application for participation
in the I International Scientific and Practical Conference
"Building management systems for sustainable development of the territory: aspects of digitalization"
(June 16-18, 2021)

About the conference


Until June 7, 2021 - participants register for the conference (it is impossible to make changes to the application after clicking the "Register" button, if you need to make changes, contact the organizing committee by e-mail:


Registration Instructions

The publication of the reports is planned in the form of articles in journals and a list of the Higher Attestation Commission ("Soft measurements and calculations", "Economics and management: problems, solutions"). Papers with a total volume (text, figures, bibliography, etc.) of 6-8 pages are accepted for consideration. The percentage of originality according to the Antiplagiat.UZ system must be at least 70%. One person can be the author of no more than two reports.

The texts of the reports are submitted in accordance with the requirements for the design of materials. In the file name, indicate: section number surname of the author speaking with the report the first word of the title of the report, for example: 1_Surname_Name of the report, in .doc format.

The program and organizing committees reserve the right to reject the application for participation in the conference.


Information for conference participants applying for the placement of the report in the scientometric database Scopus

  1. Papers are submitted both in Russian and in English. In the title of the file of the English report, indicate in English: the section number, the surname of the author speaking with the report, the first word of the title of the report_eng, for example: 1_Surname_Paper title_eng, - in .doc format.
  2. The report must be submitted in person.
  3. The abstract of the text in Russian submitted to the RSCI and the abstract to the report in English should not duplicate each other verbatim (in order to avoid problems when checking for plagiarism).
  4. When registering, make sure that the speaker's e-mail and mailing lists are not blocked by the system.


Required files

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