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The unique project of the SCIENTIFIC LIBRARY Publishing House was launched in June 2011. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the project combines the capabilities of a full-fledged publishing house, an electronic library, an information center and a project management group, which can be implemented in the field of economics, management, innovation, investment, education, science and culture through joint partnership programs. Our goal is to deliver knowledge to people, taking them out of the labyrinth of conditionally limited approaches, illusions, delusions and generally accepted stereotypes of thinking to a wide range of adequacy, creativity and an expanded perception of reality.

Economics and Management: Problems, Solutions

The main purpose of the journal is free access to scientific articles and publications, the dissemination of original copyright ideas, the popularization of non-standard, innovative, creative scientific approaches to solving pressing management problems in a wide range of professional activities of an industrial and non-industrial nature, carried out at the state and corporate level. The editorial board of the journal intends to promote the unification of the scientific and practical potential of scientists, entrepreneurs, management of organizations and enterprises in order to analyze and solve economic, financial, industrial and other pressing problems, to promote the study of the most important aspects of management and the development of recommendations for the development of business activity.

editorial board of the magazine and editor-in-chief,
Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
Yarlykapov A. B.

Soft Measurements and Computing

The scientific journal Soft Measurements and Computing is a journal about the methods and tools of the generalized theory of measurements, artificial intelligence, the Bayesian approach, the digital economy, and the cognitive directions of science and technology.

Editor in Chief,
Svetlana V. Prokopchina,
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor.

Accounting and control

The electronic journal is published monthly in PDF format. The audience of the magazine: large firms, business associations, Russian and foreign commercial organizations, university professors, the scientific community, practitioners. The main objectives of the journal: reporting changes in the field of audit, accounting, taxation of property and financial assets; support for citation indexes of authors of publications (including the Hirsch index). The journal is located in the Russian electronic library eLIBRARY.RU (Russia), reference legal and electronic library systems.

Editor in Chief,
Bychkova Svetlana Mikhailovna,
Doctor of Economics, Professor.

Veterinary, Zootechnics and Biotechnology

The publication provides unique opportunities for disseminating research results, innovative ideas, technologies and methodologies, innovative approaches and original solutions among scientists, specialists and practitioners in Russia and abroad. The editors of the magazine intend to combine the creative potential of universities, research and production enterprises, government bodies and organizations to study pressing issues of veterinary medicine, livestock and biotechnology, to promote the activities of specialists in the study of key problems of modern science and practice, the impact of new technologies on biological and production processes, and to actively participate in developing discussions and making recommendations on pressing issues.

Best regards,
Chief Editor
Pozyabin Sergey Vladimirovich

Problems of veterinary sanitation, hygiene and ecology

"The Russian journal "Problems of Veterinary Sanitation, Hygiene and Ecology" is the only scientific and practical publication on the fundamental and applied problems of veterinary sanitation, hygiene and ecology, in particular, on the prevention of animal diseases, ensuring the veterinary and sanitary welfare of the country, protecting people's health from anthropozoonoses and foodborne toxicoinfections, ensuring the quality and safety of feed and livestock products, optimizing animal welfare conditions in order to protect their health and increase productivity, protecting the territory of the country from the introduction of infectious disease pathogens, protecting the environment from pollution by livestock waste, and contamination by natural and man-made pollutants.

Editor-in-chief - Professor
A. M. Smirnov
academician of RAS

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