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Economics, finance

State and municipal procurement
Grigoryev V.V., Loginov E.L. Cryptocurrency model of a digital financial system
Pronina L. I. State and municipal finance
Vyborova E.N. Financial analysis and diagnostics
Vyborova E.N. Money, credit, banks
Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics
Digital technologies in education, science, territorial development: the experience of France and Russia
Vyborova E.N. Financial management
Sokolov E.V., Pilyugina A.V. Financial Research Workshop
Shumskaya E. I. The Economic Potential of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Smorodina M. I. Tool support of automated metalworking production
Prokopchina S. V. Modeling the laws of distributions of random variables and processes in econometric problems
Prokopchina S. V., Scherbakov G. A., Efimov Yu. V. Modeling of economic systems under conditions of uncertainty
Authors' Team Strategic Partnership between Russia and China in the Energy Sector
Easter P.I. US Nuclear Risks: From Truman to Trump
Bychkova S. M., Zhidkova E. A., Elyashev D. V. Neosystem approach as a factor of scientific justification for the transformation of the fundamental foundations of controlling organizations in the agro-industrial complex
Soft calculations and measurements. Methods, information technologies and means of intellectual information processing in digitalization tasks
Dadashev A.Z., Meshkova D.A., Topchi Yu.A. State and municipal finance: budget system of the Russian Federation
The basics of the digital economy
Safonov E., Kirsanov S., Mustafin G., Stangova N., Vigova A., Wang Bo. Theory and practice of public sector economics: budgetary and financial aspects
Mosakova E. A. Demography and global economic processes
Economics for Political Scientists
International trade: problems and prospects
Applied Macroeconomics
D. V. Panov Fundamentals of sustainable scientific and technological development of the rocket and space industry
Zotov V.M. Intellectual property management system of a high-tech holding
Prokopchina S. V. Methods and means of modeling the distribution law under uncertainty
Kleiner G.B., Zvyagin L.S., Scherbakov G.A. System analysis and modeling: a collection of situational tasks
Sokolov E.V., Kostyrin E.V. Breakthrough technologies for financing health care, pensions and the Russian economy
Safonov M.S., Khlestova N.G. Knowledge Economy / Economics of Opportunities
Soft calculations and measurements. Volume IV
Kaganovich A.A., Prisyazhnyuk A.S. Coordination mechanisms in the regional agricultural management system
From five-year economic growth and prosperity to decades of systemic crisis
Efimov Yu.V. Methodological aspects of determining the price of products of the shipbuilding industry
Efimov Yu.V. Methods and models for the formation of the cost and prices of shipbuilding products
Problems and prospects of relations between Russia and the CIS countries in the gas market
Kruglikova E.V. Regulation of the banking sector in the context of financial globalization
Kleiner, G.B., Rybachuk, M.A. Systemic economic balance
Systemic risk of the financial sector: assessment and regulation
Economic problems of sustainable development of the oil and gas industry
Kondratenko N.S. Economic prerequisites for the development of oil and gas resources of the Russian shelf
Isaev R.A. Management of innovative processes in the modern economy of Russia
Efimov Yu.V. Methods for assessing the complexity in the shipbuilding industry
Trade policy and business interests
Collective forms of management in the modern economy
Badmaeva D.G., Skobara V.V., Bychkova S.M. Investments and investment decision analysis methods
Naumenko T.V. Institutional economy. Anthology
Soft calculations and measurements. Models and methods: monograph. Volume III
Soft calculations and measurements. Applied Information Technologies and Systems: Monograph. Volume II
Soft calculations and measurements. Theoretical foundations and methods: monograph. Volume I
Blinov A.O., Blagireva E.N., Rudakova O.S. Management of organizational changes in socio-economic systems
Global socio-economic processes
Vasiliev N.K., Vasiliev V.P. Economic sustainability of agricultural organizations
Vasilyeva N.K., Kovryakova E.A. The efficiency of rice production in the Kuban
Naumenko T.V. History of Economic Thought
Naumenko T.V. History of Economic Thought: A Reading Book
Safonov M.S. Assessment of investment projects
Naumenko T.V. Methodology of Economic Science
Orlova N.L. Resource: Dictionary of categories, terms and terminological turns
Isaev R.A. Management of innovative processes in the modern economy of Russia
Koroleva S.I. The formation and development of trade of the XX century in persons
Kamanina R.V. Enterprise Economics (firms)
Methodological problems of economics
Vetrova I.F. Korolev O. G. Melnik M. V. Yushkova S. D. Models of conducting small and medium banking business
High-tech enterprise finance management
Usmanova T.Kh., Trifonov P.V. Methodology of the formation of the strategy of socio-economic development of the regions
Ragulina Yu. V., Petrova Yu. I., Plahotnikov A. A., Elesina M. V. Public-private partnership: regional development experience
Efimov VV Economic security of the state in the context of globalization
Bychkova S. M., Skobara V. V., Yuldashev Z. Z. Investment control and audit in economic entities
Skobara V.V., Bychkova S. M., Zubarev I. S. Development of methodological tools for analysis of leasing operations
Applied Macroeconomics Basic Models for Economic Policy
Blagireva E. N., Blinov A. O. Increasing the competitiveness of regional enterprises: theoretical and practical aspects
Bezborodova T.I. Accounting and analytical support of economic activities of organizations in crisis management
Kaganovich A. A. Territorial and economic agroformation
Koroleva S.I. Trading business
Kovazhenkov, M.A. The phenomenon of management in the economic space
Mishina S.V. Transformation of the system of local taxes and fees in the context of modernization of taxation in the Russian Federation
Mishina S. V. Methodological foundations of budget planning and forecasting local budget revenues: the example of the budget of the urban district “Kaliningrad City”
Sergeeva A.V. Theory of financial management. Basic concepts
Kostusenko I.I., Smekalov P.V. Regional distribution of food resources: issues of differentiation and ways to smooth out unevenness
Sokolov E.V. History of banking and exchange business
Theory of Industrial Markets
Filipchuk O. A. Management of the structure of revenues of the federal budget of the Russian Federation
Davydova L.V., Petrova Yu.M., Fedorova O. A. Finance of organizations
Skobara V.V., Telepneva A.V. State financial control in the state management system
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