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History, Philosophy

Paskhalny P.I. Historiography of the United States on the A-bomb: to the 75th anniversary of its creation and application in World War II (1939-1945)
Ishechkin V.A. Intellectual of the second generation. Dominated by registration and chronic housing crisis
Gurov O. N., Safonov M. S. The boundaries of the human
Barlybaev H.A. The philosophy of solidarity. Anti Huntington. Solidarology
Suvorova O.S. Man as a body and spirit: the ideological dialogue of Russia and the West in the history of philosophy
National history
Dudin A.A. Molodinskaya battle
Dictionary of Russian History
Antonio Fernandez Ortiz Chronicles of Espartania (Kaleidoscope of Fate)
Tabunova N.V. AGITPROP and CULTURAL ENVIRONMENT of Prince Golitsyn and Co.
Naumenko T.V. Mass communication as a global process
Shapovalov V.F. Who rules the world? Global governance: issues of history and theory
Ishechkin V.A. Master and Way. Epoch cast
Moscow battle
Illustrated Dictionary of the History of the Great Patriotic War
National history
Truth and justice as system-forming values
Kaminsky V.N. Turbo Life
Barlybaev H.A. Selected Works. Volume 1
Barlybaev H.A. Selected Works. Volume 2
Barlybaev H.A. Selected Works. Volume 3
Barlybaev H.A. Selected Works. Volume 4
Naumenko T.V. Philosophy of Mass Communication
Shapovalov V.F. The Civilization Path of Russia: History and Present
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