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Formation of a control system for university activities in Russia and abroad
Salnikova L.S. Business reputation: how to create and strengthen
Strategic communications in the digital age. New technologies
Iskanderova T.A., Novokupova I.N. Modeling a marketing management system of an innovative organization
Khritinin, D.F., Esin, A.V., Sumarokova M.A. Modern prevention of suicidal behavior in young people
A.N. Razumov, M.S. Safonov About Zebra and Health
Kostyrin Ye. V. Management models of health care facilities
The legal dictionary
K.V. Akimov, S.D. Reshetov, V.R. Khudoley Piano orchestra for brass band (task book with methodological explanations)
Khritinin D.F., Kotov V.P. Guide to forensic psychiatry
Marketing management and the formation of the "new economy" of modern Russian society
Bratchenko S.A. Business Planning as an Effective Company Management Tool
JURISPRUDENCE (collection of legal acts)
Filatov-Bekman S.A. Fundamentals of Applied Mathematics for Music Sound Engineers
Tschida Sadakatsu. Russia and Rachmaninov through the eyes of a Japanese musician
The war burnt my verse: dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory ...
Job descriptions for employees of insurance organizations
Ishechkin V.A. A cast from the era. Second Edition Updated
Lisichkina Yu.S., Ivannikova M.S. Operational management as a tool to improve the efficiency of the implementation of double diploma projects in Russian universities
Trifonov P.V. Development of approaches to the formation of an information management system in operational management
Blinov A. O., Blagireva E. N., Rudakova O. S. Interactive methods in the educational process
Marketing in business education: tools, models, technologies
Sivkova V.V. I really need you: prose poems
Improving the performance evaluation of educational and scientific institutions subordinate to the Government of the Russian Federation
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