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Political science

Scientific and Practical School Political Prof. Issue №3. “Domestic policy: essence, content, history, technology”
Evaluation of the effectiveness of the work of authorities (Part I: state level)
Provision of state and municipal services in the field of urban passenger transport in Russia and Bulgaria
Safonov M. S. Legal Aspects of the Regulation of Public-Private Partnerships in the Russian Federation
Mosakova E.A. Demography
Gordienko D.V., Safonov M.S. Reintegration or disintegration. How to protect national interests?
Armed forces of leading NATO states at the turn of 2020–2025
The main directions and trends in the construction of the armed forces of the North Atlantic bloc
Actual problems of military art in wars and armed conflicts of the late XX - early XXI century. Foreign experience
Chuvilova O. N., Romanyuta I. V. Methodology and assessment of geo-economic security of regions
Geopolitics. Brief Dictionary
Political Science: Textbook
Methodological problems of the social sciences and humanities
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