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Veterinary, livestock and biotechnology

Nigmatullin R. M., Balakirev N. A. Breeding and selection and breeding work in rabbit breeding
Safety requirements and veterinary sanitary examination of bee honey
Vilkovsky F. A. Clinical electrocardiography with the basics of pharmacotherapy (for general practitioners)
Thoracic surgery
Illustrated atlas of operational access to the bones and joints of dogs and cats. Chest and pelvic limbs
Improving the quality of fawn products by modifying the properties of the fur-fur semi-finished product and design digitalization
Interactive traumatology and orthopedics of small pets. Volume 2
Smirnov A.M. Veterinary science in the service of animal and human health
Interactive traumatology and orthopedics of small pets. Volume 1
Requirements for ensuring the safety of food products of plant origin of non-industrial production in food markets
Cardiology cats
Pharmacocorrection of the immunotoxic effects of pesticides
The allowance for the maintenance and breeding of cellular fur animals in modern conditions (evidence-based rules)
Abdominal surgery of small pets
Dihydroquercetin and arabinogalactan - natural bioregulators in human and animal life, application in agriculture and food industry
Basic facts about physiotherapy for dogs and cats. Rehabilitation and control of pain
Oncology of small pets
The biological role of minerals in cellular fur farming (normative research)
Veterinary and sanitary requirements for ensuring the safety of meat and meat products
L.Ya. Telishevskaya, N.K. Bukova, A.A. Komarov, V.T. Overnight Nutrition and Metabolism of Pathogenic Microorganisms
Danilevskaya N.V., Deltsov A. A. Modern analysis methods used in the chemical-toxicological determination of xenobiotics
Mink Feeding
Feeding and feeding rabbits
Danilevskaya N.V., Deltsov A.A. Fundamentals of pharmacognosy. Medicinal raw materials of plant and animal origin
Danilevskaya N.V., Deltsov A. A. Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Pharmacopoeia Methods for the Analysis of Drug Substances)
Gerunova L.K., Boyko T.V. Toxicology of pesticides
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