Karanina E.V. Introduction


Burtseva T. A., Mitina K. L. Testing hypotheses for solving managerial problems using the multidimensional scaling procedure
Korisheva O. V. Category “economic security” (stability) of an economic entity as a basic characteristic of business functioning
Sapozhnikova E. S. Diagnostics of the state of security of the economic system of the federal districts of Russia


Araslanova O. G. The historical aspect of the development of the procurement sector and foreign experience in the field of public procurement as an essential component of the country's economic security
Ganebnykh E.V., El-Sibai N.M. Economic risks of ethnic entrepreneurship
Bezdenezhnykh V. M. Expert assessment of the implementation of the national anti-corruption plan and anti-corruption plans of the federal executive bodies of the Russian Federation
Kalinin P. A., Taymasov A. R. The concept of managing the economic development of regional industrial enterprises in the context of the global financial and economic crisis
Karanina E.V., Timin A.N. Credit load of the population as a factor in assessing the economic security of the federal districts of Russia
Kruglova N.V. Place and role of socio-economic policy in the strategy of economic security of Russia for the period until 2030
Matushkina Yu. N. Comparative analysis of Russian regions by the index of happiness


Bachurinskaya I.N., Pupyreva A. L. Risk management as an element of financial analysis of a small enterprise
Goryachikh S. P., Pechenkin K. A. Methodological aspects of the formation and use of estimated reserves
Ilysheva N.N., Kiselev A.V. Improvement of public non-financial reporting of water supply and sewage management organizations for sustainable and safe development of territories
Karanina E.V., Ryazanova O. A. Risk-based approach to rating the competitiveness of small businesses in the region's economic security system
Yuryeva L.V., Krokhaleva N.E. Features of separate accounting of value added tax to increase the efficiency of commercial organizations
Fokina O. V., Tyufyakova E. S. Trust marketing as a tool to increase sales efficiency
Gagarinov V. I., Kuklin A. V. Forms and methods for providing qualified personnel used by organizations in the Kirov region
Loginov D. A. Reflection of security aspects in the strategic planning of regional development


Bakhtimov A. A., Stepanov M. A. Stages of the modern policy of receivables management
Grin S. V. Problems and prospects for the development of mortgage lending in order to reduce the risks of the Russian economy and financial system
Zubarev I. S. Analysis of solvency and stability of the enterprise on the basis of financial statements
Ilysheva N. N., Krylov S. I. Accounting (financial) reporting in financial risk management
Ilyina A. V. Forward to IFRS or back to the roots: what is better for Russian accounting?
Karzaeva N. N., Karzaeva E. A. Features of assessing the solvency of mining enterprises as a tool to ensure their financial security
Timin A. N. Prospects for the development of the banking system and systemic risks of functioning of commercial banks