UDC 619: 616.775.26
doi: 10.36871/vet.san.hyg.ecol.202301002


Ekaterina V. Nefedova,
Nikolay N. Shkil,
Siberian Federal Scientific Center for Agrobiotechnologies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk Region, Krasnoobsk settlement 630501, Russian Federation


Studies have been carried out to determine the synergistic effect of using combinations of disinfectants and silver nanoparticles. A significant increase in bactericidal concentration was revealed when combined with AgNPs against E. coli ATCC 25922 in Algavit 25 in 64 (from 200 to 3,12 μg / ml) and Dairy EcoGex in 66,6 (from 100 to 1,5 μg / ml ) times, respectively. When cultivating the E. coli isolate with Senso Dip 50, Ital Mast up blue, Algavit 25, Dairy EcoGex together with AgNPs, an 8-fold increase in bactericidal concentration was established.


silver nanoparticles, E. coli, antibiotics, antibiotic resistance, AgNPs