UDC 379.832


E. E. Panina,
Candidate of Pedagogy, Associate Professor of the Department of Commerce and Hospitality, Vladimir State University named after A.G. and N.G. Stoletovs, Vladimir, Russia


Objective. The article discusses issues related to changes in Russian legislation concerning the mandatory classification of hotel enterprises in the Russian Federation, and the problems that have arisen in this regard, as well as the objectives of the classification and its relevance.
Materials and methods. The author analyzed the main regulatory documents governing the procedure for the classification of hotel enterprises and related changes in legislation that have occurred over the past years.
Result. In modern conditions, the classification of hotel enterprises is a means of ensuring the quality of hotel services and increasing the competitiveness of hotels.
Conclusion. The introduction of a mandatory classification of hotel enterprises in the Russian Federation will contribute to improving the quality and service at the level of world standards, improving the material and technical base, increasing the level of professional training of employees and the development of this sector of the economy as a whole.


hotel enterprise, classification of hotel enterprises, requirements for mandatory classification of hotel enterprises, improving the quality of hotel services.