UDC 338.2


G. N. Chernukhina,
PhD in Economic sciences, associate Professor, head of the Department of Commerce and trade, Synergy University, Moscow, Russia
O. Yu. Ermolovskaya,
PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, Department of Commerce and Trade, Synergy University, Moscow, Russia


Objective. Society begins to function in a new technological order. The fourth industrial revolution is associated with the deep penetration of information technologies and automation processes into all areas of the modern digital economy, with the unification of industry and technological innovations, the transition to additive manufacturing, which is the most attractive investment direction at the present stage of society development.
Materials and methods: analysis of directions that today have an increasing influence on the formation of trade; analysis of the main driving forces in the post-industrial economy; a study of the foundational principles of cognitive management.
Result. The success of commerce at this stage of the development of the Russian economy depends on many factors; profit.
Conclusion. The digital transformation in the economy is developing every day, and today there are many business models in Russia. Their further application will simplify the conclusion of various commercial transactions and save time and resources.


mobile, social and “machine-to-machine” payments, cryptocurrencies, platforms, integrated and optimized payments, trading, advising platforms. digital economy in the commercial sphere, post-industrial economy, fourth technological order, cognitive management, Industry 4.0, cognitive technologies, knowledge, information, innovation.