UDC 339.5


O. A. Kosareva,
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Department of Commerce and Trade, Synergy University, Moscow, Russia


Objective. Today it is impossible to find a branch of the economy that does not use modern information technologies. Retail trade is no exception, where the introduction of modern information systems and technologies is becoming increasingly important every day. Due to the ever-increasing competition in the retail space, retailers are forced to adapt to the growing needs of customers. To expand and retain their audience, as well as to organize an optimal trading and technological process, sellers are constantly developing and implementing new innovative technologies that not only improve the process itself, but also change the essence of trading enterprises.
Materials and methods: analysis of the main components of digitalization in the retail sector.
Result. Today, the consumer market is close to saturation, which is why competition in the retail sector is intensifying. In this regard, it is important to correctly choose a development strategy for both retail chains and small business in the field of trade.
Conclusion. Often, the success of a commercial enterprise does not depend at all on the amount of financial investments, but on the originality of the idea and its timely implementation.


information technology, databases, business processes, software, electronic price tags, self-checkout counters, offline and online trading, Frontofficе, Back-office, Smart Shopping.