UDC 338.46 + 378


E. Yu. Kulakova,
Head of the Business School of Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Faculty of Business and Further Education, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. Moscow, Russia


Purpose of the article. The article examines the features of the Russian market for educational services of additional vocational education (APE), the formation of a marketing strategy for educational services by higher educational institutions.
Materials and methods. The possibilities of various marketing tools for promoting educational services have been analyzed.
Result. Universities that carry out marketing activities, taking into account the needs and financial capabilities of consumers, offer a range of educational services (specific specialties and a set of disciplines studied); develop options for consumers to use various financial sources to pay for education; develop ways to bring educational services to the recipient of these services, offering various forms of education, as well as ways to improve these forms; develop and carry out activities aimed at creating a favorable image of the university in the eyes of potential consumers and society as a whole.
Conclusion. The practical significance of the work lies in the possibility of using its results by universities in modern conditions.


educational services, additional education, marketing strategy of the university, promotion strategies.