UDC 330.163.2


E. R. Sharko,
Ph.D. in Economics, employee of the Laboratory for Institutional Analysis, Faculty of Economics, Moscow State University. M. V. Lomonosov, Moscow, Russia


Objective. The article discusses the basic and new approaches to the components of the image of a hotel company, studied the process of forming the image of the company and proposed the most effective ways to assess it.
Materials and methods. The author presented the results of a study of the state of the image of the hotel chain "Hilton", obtained by analyzing data on the degree of satisfaction with hotel services in different cities and countries where the chain's hotels are present.
Results. With the active expansion of foreign hotel chains in the Russian market, Russian hotels should make great efforts and costs to create and maintain a positive image, therefore, the article proposes new approaches to maintaining a positive image of the leader of the hospitality industry in a digital environment, based on innovations and digital technologies of an effective hotel business. ...
Conclusion. The research results can be used to form and maintain the image of the leader in the hospitality industry in the context of digitalization.


image, methods of assessing the image, business reputation, digitalization, pseudo-innovation, visitor reviews, marketing research.