UDC 338.2: 004.9


M. V. Milokhina,
Junior Research Fellow, Russian University of Economics. G. V. Plekhanova, Moscow, Russia
Velbujen Lee,
Co-founder of the China-Russia Center for Innovative Entrepreneurship, China


Objective. This article examines the possibilities and prospects of using a new organization management system in Russia, formed with the use of digital technologies.
Materials and methods. Based on statistical data and the experience of Russian companies in the implementation of technologies in management, the authors argue that the use of digital technologies and tools in company management is an integral factor in improving the competitiveness of an organization in a market environment and the first step towards a modern digital organization that meets all the requirements of the global digital economy.
Result. The most promising technologies used in Russian companies today are big data, automation and robotics, artificial intelligence, the Internet of things and blockchain. Their application leads to the use of new business processes, transformation of the business value system and organization management.
Conclusion. The introduction and use of digital technologies in an organization is one of the most important factors in a company's economic growth.


digital economy, end-to-end digital technologies, blockchain, artificial intelligence, internet of things, management system, business models.