UDC 159.99


O. V. Gribkova
Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Management Theory and Practice, Moscow State University of Psychology and Education, Moscow, Russian Federation


The article is devoted to modern threats faced by the younger generation on the Internet. New technologies provide ample opportunities for copying and distributing various information without checking the content. Information security is designed to protect the interests of the younger generation in this area, to teach them how to filter information independently, and to resist one of the main threats of the «information» of the XXI century – the use of information for selfish purposes. The article presents the arguments «for» and «against» the use of the Internet in the educational environment, discusses the benefits of new technologies for learning. Various possible threats that the younger generation may face while using the global network are presented. It is important to manage risks that affect the level of social security of the younger generation. Options for solving the problem and protecting children in modern society are considered.


modern technologies in the adolescent environment, information security, new threats of the new generation, protection of schoolchildren from modern threats, the Internet in the educational environment, methods of protection from Internet threats, information and security.