UDC 339.13


T. P. Gorelova
Ph. D. in Economics, associate Professor, Department of General and Customs management, Moscow state University of food production Moscow, Russian Federation
S. I. Koroleva,
Doctor of Economics, Professor, Honored Economist of the Russian Federation, Professor of the Department of Commerce and trade, Synergy University, Moscow, Russian Federation
Yu. A. Kosikova
Ph. D., associate Professor, Head of the Department of General and Customs management, Moscow State University of food production Moscow, Russian Federation


Relevance. The subject area of the article is the problem of the catering market, which consists in a drop in demand for services, increased competition, and reduced profitability. Typical problems arising in accordance with the main trends of creating and promoting a brand in the catering market are formulated. The company’s priority goals in the catering market are determined, which are to maintain market share, strengthen and protect its positioning. The author argues for the need to create an integrated brand model. The priority tasks of the catering company are specified: compliance with market trends, development of new directions, development of an effective strategy of presence in the market.
Research methods. System-structural approach, content analysis, generalization.
Result. Brand competitiveness should be considered as the degree of its success. Brand success can be achieved through two processes: a) brand management – the process of searching for or creating values for a trade offer in order to differentiate the brand (under which the trade offer will exist); b) branding – the process of maintaining and protecting the value of this brand. Just the same, the main branding tool is the concept of marketing. Since any brand is the result of well-conducted marketing campaigns.
Conclusion. The problem of ensuring brand competitiveness must be considered from the point of view of another category, namely, the trade offer. You must remember that the brand is part of the marketing mix, or rather, part of promotion. When considering the issue of strengthening the brand’s competitiveness in the market, it should be understood that the main thing is the trade offer itself, that is, the product or service that the consumer considers as a potential purchase. The system of management of the sphere of education as an object of scientific research is currently becoming particularly relevant. Education is understood as a purposeful process of education and training in the interests of a person, society, and the state, accompanied by a statement of achievement by a citizen (student) of the educational levels established by the state (educational qualifications). The right to education is one of the basic and inalienable constitutional rights of citizens of the Russian Federation


brand, commercial proposition, competitive advantage, competitiveness of the company.