UDC 331


O. E. Bashina
Doctor of Economics, Professor, Head. Department of statistics, marketing and accounting, Moscow University for the Humanities, Moscow, Russian Federation
Yu. N. Tsaregorodtsev
Doctor of Economics, Professor, Head. Department of management Moscow humanitarian University, Moscow, Russian Federation
T. B. Serebrovskaya,
Candidate of pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Department of Foreign languages Synergy University, Moscow, Russian Federation


Purpose of work. Training of modern personnel is provided by the implementation of educational programs focused on advanced training and using information technologies in the educational process. This is possible if the educational institution has sufficient time and financial resources, and an organizational structure that allows it to respond quickly to the requirements of the market economy. Materials and methods. The article uses General scientific methods: analysis, abstraction, system-structural approach, and modeling. Result. To prepare new advanced training courses and seminars, educational institutions should analyze research in the areas of technical, technological and economic development, study the best practices of innovation implementation by enterprises through the formation of their own Fund and income from extracurricular activities. Conclusion. Informatization of additional professional education is an objective and inevitable process. According to the increased requirements in the labor market, the introduction of innovative technologies is primarily intended to improve the quality of training, increase motivation to acquire new knowledge, and speed up the process of learning. For the development of DPO, universities are creating a new educational environment, and high-tech information tools for training and development of students of all ages are appearing.


innovations, advanced education, educational institutions, additional professional education, resources of educational institutions, industrial and educational complex.