UDC 331.1


V. G. Get’man
Doctor of Economics, Professor, Professor of the Department of accounting, analysis and audit, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia


Relevance. The article is devoted to the analysis of situations related to the dismissal of employees of companies, in particular those that require separate additions and/or changes to the Labor code of the Russian Federation. In some cases, this is due to the adoption of new regulations in the field of labor and its payment. In others – because of the clarification of the content of certain provisions of the labor code of the Russian Federation, which are ambiguously interpreted in practice by interested parties. This process has not yet been completed; there is an urgent need to continue it in order to improve the TC of the Russian Federation.
The purpose of this article is to properly regulate a number of issues related to the dismissal of employees under the labor code of the Russian Federation.
Research problem. To consider questions of dismissal of the employee from the company who are members of the Union; regulatory documents related to their employment which must be issued to the employee after the dismissal; moral damages in illegal dismissal; bonus issues of employees, encourage them for the year.
Research result. The article provides reasonable suggestions for all these situations, which should be prescribed in the current legislation. The author concludes that the consolidation of all the proposed norms and provisions in the labor code of the Russian Federation will not only streamline the labor relations between the employer and employee, but also significantly reduce the number of court cases in the area under consideration.


dismissal of employees; compensation for moral damage; bonuses for employees at the end of the year.