UDC 336.71


V. V. Filatov,
Doctor of Economics, Professor of the Department General and customs management, Moscow State University of Food Technologies, Moscow, Russian Federation
Igor V. Yermakov,
Postgraduate, Moscow State University of Food Production, Moscow, Russian Federation


The article deals with the issues of socio-economic security of Russian dairy industry enterprises. One of the main problems for processors of raw materials and manufacturers of final products is the presence of separate cost items to motivate retail chains to take on the sale of finished products. In addition, wholesale bases and retail stores purchase products of well-known brands to the buyer. The sales area also includes the costs associated with advertising products, studying the needs and capacity of a particular market. To ensure a steady state socio – economic security of the dairy industry, Russia needs financial and administrative resources of the country to increase production of raw milk products, availability of these products for the population in the required quantities.


socio-economic security, enterprises, dairy industry, threats.