UDC 336.14


T. V. Basakina
Postgraduate of Moscow Financial and Industrial University of Synergy, Deputy CEO for Economics and Finance LLC «RN-SK», Moscow, Russia


Relevance. The article deals with the ways of import substitution at the enterprises of the petrochemical complex in the conditions of economic sanctions. The purpose of this study is to identify the directions and methods of import substitution that can be applied to enterprises of the petrochemical complex, borrowing appropriate positive practices in other industries. Research problem. Analyze and evaluate import substitution methods for petrochemical enterprises. by the degree of remoteness from the end user; by the owner of intellectual property; by market influence; by geographical principle; by the type of reason for substitution; by the impact of technical regulation; by the impact on social aspects; by the area of import substitution; by replacement costs; by the number and quality of participants. Research result. The results of the study showed that the process of import substitution can be regulated by various systems and mechanisms. There are many ways of import substitution that are used in other industries and can be applied to enterprises of the petrochemical complex, which will lead to increased competitiveness among enterprises of one country; – stimulating the inflow of investment from other countries; creating new hightech jobs; increasing income and welfare of the population; ensuring economic and food security of the state.


import Substitution, methods of import substitution, examples of import substitution.