UDC 004.733


N. Yu. Kurganova,
senior lecturer of the Department of Commerce and trade, Synergy University, Moscow, Russia


Purpose of the work is to determine the role of the image of a retail company in its activities, as well as to identify elements that help to form its image in the eyes of consumers using the example of “Lenta”. Research objectives: to study the factors that affect the image of a retail company; to analyze the activities of the company “Lenta”; to assess the impact of factors that affect the company’s image; to consider the means of forming the image of the organization. Materials and methods: methods of statistical and comparative analysis, methods of systematization and generalization, methods of empirical research and a systematic approach are used. The information base was the modern theory of marketing and management activities, scientific works of domestic and foreign scientists, materials of periodicals, computer database, reports, technical documentation of the company, results of marketing research. Result. The article deals with the theoretical basis for the formation of the image of retail enterprises. Using the example of the “Lenta” supermarket chain, the analysis of the main tools used to create the image of a modern trade organization is performed.


retail trade, image, enterprise, assortment, pricing policy, interior.