UDC 338.518: 339.13


G. N. Chernukhina,
PhD in Economic sciences, associate Professor, head of the Department of Commerce and trade, Synergy University, Moscow, Russia
A. V. Khramova,
Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department Commerce and Commercial Affairs, Synergy University, Moscow, Russia


Purpose of work – to identify reserves and develop measures to increase the competitiveness of the furniture industry and its products. Relevance. Currently, each enterprise has an important strategic task - to maintain and increase the competitiveness of products in order to achieve success in the market and ensure a stable high level of profitability. However, the study of this problem in the context of the furniture market is poorly covered in the works of Russian and foreign authors. Result. A comparison of the possible sales volume established by the results of market research with the production capabilities of the enterprise allows us to predict an increase in the volume of production and sales of products. Using the reserves of increasing competitiveness (increasing sales, reducing costs, improving product quality), the enterprise under study will improve its financial results and strengthen its financial stability.


reserves, competitiveness, furniture products, increasing the competitiveness of the enterprise.