UDC 621: 319.34


T. G. Malsagov,
Postgraduate of the Department of International Economics and Management of Foreign Economic Activity, School of Public Administration, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia


Purpose of work: to study the current state of the Russian economy and identify opportunities for its transition to a digital model if certain conditions are met. Materials and methods: content analysis of scientific literature and analysis of statistical data. Result. The current macroeconomic indicators of the Russian economy in the context of its competitiveness are outlined; key infrastructure problems from the perspective of digitalization that hinder the transition of the Russian economy to a new model are identified; possible development scenarios are formulated. Conclusion. The main obstacle to the transformation of the Russian resource economy into a digital model is the lack of a developed digital infrastructure. As a possible scheme for the implementation of “transit”, the author’s scheme for the development of “digitalization” for the resource model of the economy is proposed.


digitalization, economy, resource model, digital infrastructure, IT-industry.