UDC 311


E. A. Dolgikh,
PhD in Economics, Associate Professor State University of management, Moscow, Russia
T. A. Pershina,
PhD in Economics, Associate Professor State University of management, Moscow, Russia
O. E. Bashina
Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences Manager Department of Statistics, Marketing and Accountancy Moscow University for the Humanities, Moscow, Russia


Purpose of work. Today, tourism is an integral part of the development of the economic component of developed and developing countries. In many ways, the well-being of citizens is associated with the opening of international borders and the development of domestic resorts. Currently, the world tourism organization provides ratings in which the export of the tourism sector takes the XNUMXrd place in the world export market after chemicals and fuel, while overtaking the products of the automotive industry. The article is devoted to a com‑ prehensive description of one of the components of the tourism industry – travel companies. Materials and methods. The financial results of their activities, as well as the number and cost of tourist packages sold to the population and tourist service indicators are considered. Result. In this situation, it is difficult to make forecasts for the future development of the tourism industry. The pandemic has greatly changed people’s habits and put the safety of travel Agency customers in the first place in terms of health. Conclusion. Despite the gradual opening of all travel opportunities and the reduction of the threat of COVID-XNUMX infection, the restoration of tourist flows to foreign countries will not happen soon.


tourism, travel company, accommodation facilities, travel industry, tours.