UDC 331.658


E. V. Karanina,
Professor, Doctor of Economics, Head of Department Finance and Economic Security, Vyatka State University, Kirov, Russia
M. A. Bortnikov,
Graduate Student of the Department of Finance and Economic Security of Vyatka State University, Kirov, Russia
M. N. Kochetkov,
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Department of Management, Moscow State Technical University N. E. Bauman (National Research University), Moscow, Russia


Purpose of work. The digital economy implies a structural transformation in many industries, including the energy sector, without considering the state specifics of the industry, for which full-fledged digitalization can be harmful. The aim of the study is to develop a methodology and determine the readiness of countries for digitalization in the electric power industry, taking into account all the main industry groups of factors. Materials and methods. The paper analyzes the concept of “energy transition” and defines the indices that are applied to assess this transition at the global level. Results. A system of indices is proposed to determine the degree of readiness for a digital transition in the electric power industry as one of the components of the “energy transition” and the most possible scenario for the transformation of this industry in Russia. The analysis of key areas of digital energy development is pre‑ sented. The degree of readiness of the leading XNUMX countries in terms of GDP for digitalization in the electric power industry according to the proposed methodology has been calculated, and the further direction of basic research in this direction has been indicated. Conclusion. Conclusions have been drawn on the appropriateness of developing state programs and the main directions to which DM decision should be drawn with due desire to digitize the industry have been highlighted.


internet energy, energy security, digitalization of the electric power industry.