UDC 613.2.099


Leysan A. Davletshina,
Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor of Statistics Department,Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Moscow, Russia
Mikhail V. Karmanov,
Doctor of Economic Sciences., Professor, Professor of Department of Statistics, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Moscow, Russia


Purpose of work. At present, the current system of statistics and analysis of food poisoning cannot be described as complete and responsive to public inquiries about the scope and consequences of the process. Materials and methods. The work compared existing approaches to the statistical characterization of food poisoning indicators, as well as international and national assessments that systematized the indicators most commonly used in the field of human life under consideration. Results. Additional indicators reflecting the effects of food poisoning on the family, the economy and so‑ ciety are justified. Conclusion. The authors propose a system of indicators that provides an opportunity to penetrate deeper into the content of the food poisoning process and clearly identify their place and role in modern society.


food poisoning statistics, food poisoning indicator system, food consumption, food poisoning statistics.