UDC 658.7; 339.378; 339.137


N. Yu. Kurganova,
Senior Lecturer, Department of Commerce and Trade, Synergy University Moscow, Russia


Purpose of work. The relevance of the topic is to identify current trends in the development of the ice cream market and to justify the feasibility of introducing products under the Private Label, as one of the most promising ways to develop the competitiveness of retail. The sale of products under its own brand provides a high level of profit for the company, and creates a positive image of the trading company due to the optimal price-quality ratio of these products relative to similar products under the brands that are leaders in the Rus‑ sian market. Maintaining high quality and competitive prices of products under your own brand provides a unique opportunity to let consumers feel the difference with competitors, supports local manufacturers and wins customer loyalty. The purpose of the work is to study the competitive advantages of products under their own brand. To achieve this goal, the following tasks are defined: analysis of the domestic ice cream market and determina‑ tion of the main trends in its development; assessment of competitiveness in the sale of ice cream of its own brand “Auchan”; justification of the feasibility of including products under their own brand (Private Label) in the range of retail chains. Materials and methods. To solve these tasks, periodicals with expert market reviews were developed, as well as manuals, textbooks and monographs on marketing to develop theoretical foundations for promoting your own brand on the national market. The research made it possible to draw conclusions about consumer preferences and develop recommendations for a marketing strategy for promoting the brand in the domestic ice cream market. Results. The article analyzes the domestic ice cream market and identifies the main trends in its develop‑ ment. The method of ensuring the competitiveness of the retail network is considered on the example of the own brand of the Auchan hypermarket. The expediency of introducing products under their own brand (Pri‑ vate Label) is justified. Methods of generalization, deduction and induction, synthesis, convergence from the abstract to the concrete, and comparison allowed us to come to solid conclusions characterized by scientific novelty. In particular, it was possible to identify the main factors that shape demand and supply in the domestic ice cream market. Conclusion. The presented results of the research allowed us to conceptually outline the necessary measures for the effective promotion of a new proprietary brand on the example of the Auchan hypermarket on the Russian retail market.


own brand, Private Label, competition, ice cream market, brand, retail chain, brand.