UDC 338


Irina G. Altsybeeva,
A Senior Teacher of Vyatka State University Kirov, Russia
A. Yu. Borisova
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Head of Descriptive Geometry and Graphic Department, Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, Moscow, Russia


Purpose of work. The article examines theoretical approaches to the classification of factors for the for‑ mation of an innovative strategy of enterprises. Materials and methods. The types of factors have a wide variety and are grouped according to various criteria. Results. Considering the integrated approach, the gradation into social, economic, organizational and legal, technical and technological, information and market, taking into account their external and internal from the point of view of the organization of nature, is justified. Conclusion. This classification considers factors that are becoming more influential in modern condi‑ tions – information factors that, like others, can strengthen or restrain the innovative activity of organizations.


innovative strategy, factors, social, economic, organizational and legal, technical and techno‑ logical, information, market.