UDC 311


T. A. Pershina,
PhD in Economics, Associate Professor State University of management, Moscow, Russia
E. A. Dolgikh,
PhD in Economics, Associate Professor State University of management, Moscow, Russia
O. E. Bashina
Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences Manager Department of Statistics, Marketing and Accountancy Moscow University for the Humanities, Moscow, Russia
Leysan A. Davletshina,
Professor of Statistics, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Moscow, Russia


Purpose of work. The relevance of scientific research is due to the choice of a modern software product that allows more productive analysis. However, there is a large category of problems associated with the use of special tools of modern software. In the era of digitalization, high demands are placed on data processing. Statistical methodology is being framed by increasingly sophisticated tools for analysis.
The purpose of the study is to conduct a research analysis of the main tools for working with statistical data that promote collaboration, automation and reuse of analytical workflows, that is, the creation of algorithms within a specific product.
Materials and methods. The article considers the most popular modern software products that are the basis for qualitative research of social phenomena and processes. The main programs for statistical data analysis that allow processing information obtained from various sources are highlighted.
Results. The article describes programs that provide a wide range of statistical methods for analysis, which have their own distinctive features and capabilities. The main characteristics of statistical programs that allow you to evaluate them and choose the one that meets the needs of the user are described.
Conclusion. Any product that the user chooses should be studied, since judgments about the software are often formed due to the lack of sufficient knowledge about the program, which negatively affects the quality of work with statistical data and, accordingly, the level of research conducted.


software, statistical analysis, statistics, data processing.