UDC 364.1


R. G. Somoev,
Doctor of Economics, Professor of the Department of Finance and credit, Dagestan State University, Makhachkala, Russia


Social protection of the population is the most important constitutional activity of the Russian state, which consists in establishing and maintaining the socially necessary material and social status of all members of society. The topic of the study is currently very relevant, since the need to improve the institution of social protection, the emerging issues of financing the social sphere have come to the fore in the context of socio – economic instability, the pandemic crisis and the decline in the standard of living of Russian citizens. The purpose of the study was a modular analysis of the social protection system of the population, which makes it possible to make effective management decisions, including attracting the necessary sources of funding. The research is based on the application of functional, formal-legal, comparative methods, formal-logical techniques. The article briefly examines five aspects (modules) – needs, coverage, effectiveness, sustainability, coherence, which allow us to diagnose the main problems facing the country’s social protection system and identify potential ways to reform it in the long term.


social sphere, social protection, budget, financing, analysis modules, risks.