UDC 330.342.172


L. O. Micallef,
Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor at the Department of Foreign Languages, Synergy University, Moscow, Russia


Research topicality. In the modern world of globalization and educational integration there is an important issue concerning the languages for international communication. Esperanto in communication is currently attracting more researchers.
At the same time, in global linguistic research there have appeared artificial languages that are an object of contemporary researchers. Being topical for modern linguistics, these languages enable scholars to research the process of language development within a short period of time in contrast to essential languages which have been developing over centuries.
The article deals with the works of Rene de Saussure, the younger brother of Ferdinand de Saussure: historical issues of Esperanto and his influence on the process of its development are being considered.
The aim of research is to reveal and prove interlinguistics to be a genuine discipline on the basis of the research of Rene de Saussure, his contribution in linguistics with his theoretical studies in artificial languages.
Research task is to define prerequisites in Esperanto restructuring, biographical data of Rene de Saussure, a Swiss mathematician and artificial languages researcher, analysis of artificial languages (Esperanto) structure and functioning.
Materials and methods of the research are general scientific methods such as analysis, abstracting, systematic approach.
The results of research. The reasons, encouraged scientists to reform Esperanto, reorientation of improvement to make it suitable for modern life and science have been explained; system prerequisites of Esperanto reforms; there is a conclusion that planned languages functioning, having been born in the research of Rene de Saussure, is becoming a genuine language discipline.


international auxiliary languages, essential languages, artificial languages, principles of necessity and sufficiency.