UDC 330.342.172


N. D. Bout,
Doctor of Law, Head of the Department of Scientific Support of Prosecutor’s Supervision and Strengthening of the Rule of Law in the Socio-Economic Sphere of the Research Institute of the University of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia


An important role in ensuring the balance of public and private interests in the economy is assigned to the Prosecutor’s Office, which exercises effective supervision over the observance of the rights of entrepreneurs, over the implementation of laws on freedom of economic activity, which is one of the main conditions for the development of the economy. Ensuring a balance of public and private interests, along with transparency, independence and others, can be called as the main principles of the activities of the prosecutor’s office. Important areas of ensuring a balance of public and private interests in this area are the proper protection of property rights; the elimination of administrative barriers; ensuring the legality of entrepreneurs receiving financial assistance and tax benefits, etc.


balance, interests, prosecutor’s office, supervision, economy, property law.