UDC 330.322, 338.28


Junior Researcher at the Laboratory of Computer Modeling, Socio-economic processes, Central Economic and Mathematical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia


Purpose of work. The article presents an analysis of foreign practice in assessing socially important climate projects.
Materials and methods. The criteria of the effectiveness of socially significant climate projects that affect the results of competitive admissions held by foreign funds that support projects and programs within the framework of the implementation of the concept of energy transition are considered.
Results. To conduct a rational investment policy and efficiently allocate public funds, it is proposed to select climate projects using the analytic hierarchy process. Criteria for assessing climate projects are proposed to accept criteria for the effectiveness of socially important investment projects, considering the criteria for the effectiveness of climate projects used in foreign practice and discussed in the article.
Conclusion. In order to develop a methodology for assessing the effectiveness of socially important climate projects, it is proposed to create an information base of completed projects, as well as to develop a system for assessing their effectiveness.


socially significant investment projects, climate projects, social efficiency of socially significant climate projects, cost-benefit analysis.