UDC 338.2


Postgraduate Student of the Department of Finance and Economic Security, Vyatka State University, Kirov, Russia


Purpose of work. Information security occupies an important place in the process of implementing strategic national tasks and priorities of the country. Currently, the processes of digitalization, which have affected all spheres of public life, have not left without attention the functioning of industrial enterprises. Unfortunately, a characteristic feature of many domestic industrial enterprises is a low level of digital literacy, the lack of modern technologies for collecting information, as well as its processing and storage. In this situation, it is particularly relevant to conduct scientific research on the development of tools for assessing the information security of industrial enterprises. The purpose of this article is to develop a mechanism for assessing the information component of the economic security of an industrial enterprise in the context of global digital transformation.
Materials and methods. Within the framework of this study, the analysis of regulatory documents regulating the issues of information security and digitalization was carried out: the results of the global digital transformation within the economic security of an industrial enterprise, as well as methods for assessing information security, were analyzed; a mechanism for evaluating an industrial enterprise within the framework of economic security was developed. The article uses the method of analytical review of scientific sources and regulatory documents on the topic of the work.
Results. The development of technologies in the industrial sphere has certain specifics. In order to maintain a competitive level, the heads of industrial enterprises need to constantly monitor the trends of innovative development, using the benefits of the introduction of digitalization. The information component is a very important part of the assessment of economic security. The results of the study are the analysis of regulatory documents on information security and digitalization. The positive and negative aspects of digital transformation at the level of an industrial enterprise are highlighted. Based on the studied material, a mechanism for evaluating the information component of an industrial enterprise in the conditions of digitalization has been developed. It is concluded that the process of digital transformation is long and requires careful training of all industries on information security issues.
Conclusion. Continuing research in this direction, it is necessary to develop and calculate information security indicators on the example of industrial enterprises.


information security, economic security, industrial enterprises, digital economy, digitalization, indicators.