UDC 338.24.01


Candidate of Economic Sciences Vladimir Branch of RANEPA, Vladimir


Purpose of work. Is to investigate the development of artificial intelligence to perform complex operations, enhance human intelligence, optimize management decision-making, as well as the risks of using artificial intelligence.
Materials and methods. The article describes a complex of problems that determine the insufficient pace of integration of elements of artificial intelligence into the system of state, including regional, management. Artificial intelligence in a broad sense can be seen as computerized systems that are generally considered to require intelligence, such as the ability to learn, solve problems and achieve goals in the face of uncertainty and uncertainty. changing conditions. Recently, productivity in this area has been increasing. Artificial intelligence technologies now hold the promise of improving safety, quality and efficiency, as well as innovation and economic growth.
Results. It is revealed how augmented reality can help civil servants in communication with the population when making managerial decisions within the framework of the development of the region. It is determined that in the process of creative work, artificial intelligence should be considered in two planes: artificial intelligence can be integrated into labor tools, technologies and labor organization; artificial intelligence according to the appropriate level of development of science and technology can be integrated into an employee, that is, it becomes part of the subject of labor.
Conclusion. The conducted research proves that technological changes are inevitable in the long term. Innovations are constantly moving forward, and the globalized world makes the dissemination of new ideas much more efficient. At the same time, an important aspect is to identify the level of ability and readiness of the government, business and, finally, individuals to perceive the high speed of technological change.


artificial intelligence, governance, region, decentralization.