UDC 339.1


Candidate of Economic Sciences, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Applied Economics, Deputy Dean for Research Faculty of Applied Economics and Commerce, Moscow State Institute of International relations (University) of the Ministry or Foreign Affairs of Russia, Moscow Russian Federation
Master’s Degree at the Faculty of International Business and Business Administration, PPP direction, Moscow State Institute of International relations (University) of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Russia, Moscow, Russian Federation


Relevance of the study. Today the telecommunications market, including the smartphone market, is one of the most significant in the global economy. Its condition and dynamics affect the development of the infrastructure of the digital economy and the speed of digital transformation. Huawei is a prominent representative of this market.
Objective. Analysis of the activities of Huawei and its main competitors in the global smartphone market, primarily in the countries of location and in the markets of loyal countries.
Results. Analysis of the company’s data showed that the pandemic and trade wars have caused huge damage and slowed down its development. Measures are proposed to return the company to the leading position in the telecommunications market.


telecommunication services, smartphone market, market analysis, digital economy, Huawei corporation, Samsung Corporation.