UDC 338.012


Postgraduate student of the department of enterprise economics and business activity. Baikal State University, Irkutsk, Russia


Relevance. The article deals with the actual problems of formation and development of industrial complexes, production, scientific and economic regularities flowing in it, their emergence and development.
The purpose of the research. revealing of industrial, scientific and economic regularities of formation of industrial complexes, their occurrence and development.
Research objectives. Study of current issues of formation and development of production complexes, disclosure of the concept of «production complex», analysis of scientific approaches to the concept of «production complex», development of scientific doctrine on topical issues of formation and development of production complexes in the Russian Federation.
Materials and methods. The study was conducted on the basis of the materials of scientific reports and the results of research of Russian scientists in articles and monographs. The method of scientific abstraction, comparative analysis, comprehensive analysis, macroanalysis tools, forecasting methods, analogy, analysis and synthesis were used during the study.
Results. As a result of the conducted research conclusions were drawn that without developing the concept of forming of industrial complexes in any branch of the Russian economy in conjunction with the use of scientific potential is impossible to achieve sustainable economic development of industrial complexes, for which it is necessary to develop the basic principles of development of a particular industrial complex, its methodological apparatus for studying the production, scientific and economic patterns occurring in it, their occurrence and development.


the concept of industrial complex, industrial complex, structure of industrial complex, enterprise, production cycle, final product output, profit maximization.