UDC 338.1


member of the temporary scientific and creative group of the Faculty of Economics and Finance. S. Y. Witte Moscow University, Moscow, Russia
Scientific supervisor:
Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Urban Economy and Service Sector. S. Yu. Witte Moscow University, Moscow, Russia


Relevance. The scientific novelty and practical application lies in the introduction of the coefficient of investment attractiveness.
Objective. The main purpose of the article is to review, research, analysis and systematization of factors that influence the investment attractiveness of firms, in particular open joint stock companies. The influence of factors on the calculation of the coefficient of investment attractiveness of enterprises is considered.
Result. Based on the analysis of the investment attractiveness of the company, it can be concluded that the system of factors works as a single mechanism, and changes in one factor lead to changes in the entire system.
Factors of investment attractiveness can be divided into three categories: macroeconomic, microeconomic and investor factors. At the same time, the factors can be divided into categories that affect the market and investment value.
To take into account the influence of factors on investment attractiveness, each factor must have a numerical value reflecting the degree of its influence. The reasons that determine the importance of investment attractiveness need further study and systematization.


investment attractiveness, investment attractiveness coefficient, investment valuation, business valuation.