UDC 004.8: 377
DOI: 10.36871/v.a.2022.03.01.001


N. Yu. Surova,
A. S. Kaplewskiy
University National Technology Initiative 2035, Moscow, Russia


Purpose of the article. The intensive growth of modern technologies, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, quantum technologies, Internet of Things (IoT), etc., requires a transition to model of continuous studying of person throughout his life. To respond to modern challenges in the field of education in Russia, an educational organization of a new type, University 2035, was created. The article describes the technological capabilities of the institutional transformation of education using the example of a digital platform developed by University of 2035.
Materials and methods. The article describes the route of the user of the University platform 2035 in the formation of a personal development trajectory, outlines the principles of data processing about the listener.
Results. It is shown that such platform services as digital diagnostics of a student, collection, and analysis of digital footprint, as well as creating a digital profile of competencies make it possible to form and correct trajectory of human development, which makes it possible to acquire the competencies of the most relevant technologies of the modern world most effectively.
Conclusion. With the help of the digital services of the University 2035 platform, anyone can form their personal development trajectory based on their current aspirations and goals for the future, and then implement this trajectory during their studies.


education transformation, digital footprint, competency profile, digital platform, trajectory of personal development.