UDC 378.6.016: 81
DOI: 10.36871/va2022.03.01.011


O. L. Mokhova,
Moscow International University Moscow, Russia; Russian University of Transport (MIIT), Moscow, Russia
A. V. Lesina,
Moscow International University Moscow, Russia


Purpose of the article. The article is devoted to the problem of using the language portfolio in the educational process when teaching students. The importance of the issue of monitoring and evaluating the quality of foreign language training has been very high recently, which is why this topic is relevant for foreign language teachers.
Materials and methods. The article discusses the main conditions for using a language portfolio in teaching students, describes the tasks of using a language portfolio and its structure. To conduct the experiment, we have developed our own language portfolio, focused on identifying and understanding the capabilities of students, their individual characteristics and learning preferences, determining self-esteem and motivation for further learning a foreign language.
Results. Monitoring and evaluation are associated with the achievement of success in the implementation of the practical role of teaching a foreign language, because of which the opportunities for a favorable impact on the educational and pedagogical process, development in various fields, and diversity in learning have increased.
Conclusion. Using a language portfolio allows students to evaluate their capabilities, increases their motivation to learn a language.


language portfolio, foreign language teaching, quality control and assessment of training.