UDC 316.35
DOI: 10.36871/va2022.03.01.005


V. V. Filatov,
FGBOU VO Russian State University named after A. N. Kosygina (Technology. Design. Art)» Moscow, Russia
O. A. Moiseeva,
I. V. Polozhentseva,
Moscow State University of Technology and Management. K. G. Razumovsky (PKU), Moscow, Russia
B. P. Nechaev,
FGBOU VO «Moscow State University of Food Production», Moscow, Russia


Purpose of the article. This article discusses the current problems of advertising project management in the service industry. It has been established that one of the most common methods of service organization is the management of all business processes exclusively by the manufacturer’s personnel.
Materials and methods. The application of this methodology is relevant for new and small enterprises or projects where the budget is limited, and the products or functions being implemented are complex and require highly qualified specialists - service services are of great importance in the process of choosing a product by the consumer, the more complex its design and mode of operation.
Results. With the increasing popularization of the company and their products, this method begins to create entropy – an increase in the flow of customers contributes to a shortage of working personnel and affects the quality of the organization as a whole. To solve problems of this nature, companies resort to the following solution: open new branches (subsidiaries) or use the services of partner companies. The second most frequent implementation is the «representative method», where the service is provided by the staff of the company’s subsidiaries or partner companies. The choice of methodology for organizing advertising project management systems in the service industry depends on the size of the company and its specification.
Conclusion. If a company is a newcomer to the market, it will have to independently organize service systems, and in the future, the choice of the most convenient method for it, or the representative method and the method of attracting an intermediary company can be combined.


management analysis, modern management problems, advertising projects, service industry.