UDC 333.221
DOI: 10.36871/va2022.03.01.006


A. S. Kotlyar,
OOO «Porsche Center Moscow»; DBAVShKU RANEPA, Moscow, Russia


Relevance. In the context of modern challenges, the importance of improving the processes of new products launch to markets is increasing to stay ahead of competitors and meet the growing demands of potential consumers The features of the process of performing innovative products launches are discussed within this article discusses. The analysis of theoretical approaches and the author’s own practical experience allowed to propose a method for schematizing the business process of launching an innovative product.
Goal of this article are research of approaches to improving the business process of launching an innovative product. The tasks are to analyze the features of an innovative product, develop a methodology for constructing a scheme of business processes for the output of an innovative product, taking into account risks and strategically important resources of the company.
Methodology of research is based on both general scientific methods (analysis, synthesis, abstraction, and concretization) and concrete scientific methods (a systematic approach and multifactor models). The theoretical and methodological basis of this study is the understanding of the impact of business processes on the process of evaluating and implementing innovative activities of the company, as well as its relationship with such aspects of preparation for the introduction of innovative activities as risk and resource assessment.
Results of research: the methodology of express modeling of business processes of bringing an innovative product to the market has been developed, which allows to determine the need for changes in existing business processes for embedding new components in them or changing existing ones, to conduct this modeling, considering the risks of innovation and identifying the problems in the resource provision of these processes in a short time.


innovation, innovative activity, strategy, innovative product, business process, risks, resource provision.