UDC 338: 637
DOI: 10.36871/va2022.03.01.008


A. M. Lyakhovetsky,
L. A. Barsukova,
E. V. Sokurova,
Kuban State Agrarian University, Krasnodar, Russia


Purpose of the article. The article analyzes the concepts of the consumer basket and the purchasing power of the population, its fundamental elements and factors affecting changes in the ability of citizens to buy a particular product.
Materials and methods. Three main components of the consumer basket are shown: food products, non-food products and the composition of services.
Results. The concept of the subsistence minimum is also given, the subsistence minimum in Russia for 2022 is indicated for three categories of citizens: the able-bodied population, children and pensioners. The economic policy of the country affects the standard of living of the population. The main structure of public spending has been revealed. The comparative characteristics of the minimum set of goods and services of Russia with different countries are presented. A statistical analysis of the standard of living of the population was performed.
Conclusion. The assessment of the average per capita income of the population and the purchasing power of the population was carried out.


consumer basket, purchasing power of the population, cost of living, expenses, standard of living, food products, non-food products, services.