UDC 330, 334.72, 378.2
DOI: 10.51409/va2022.06.02.001


N. Surova,
Expert Council of the State Duma on the Digital Economy
A. Karabanov,
Educational Business Accelerator “Accel”


Relevance. Digitalization is transforming the economic and social paradigm of life and production and for the development by a person of his business projects in the field of high technologies, it is necessary not only to acquire new knowledge and competence in the field technologies, but also competencies in the field of creation and development of own entrepreneurial projects, as well as state support for the formation entrepreneurial initiative.
Purpose. The purpose of the work is to show that measures to support entrepreneurial initiatives: acceleration programs or accelerators, as well as the creation of an innovative infrastructure, including technology parks, business incubators, community centers, engineering centers and other facilities allow most effectively mastering competencies he most relevant technologies of the modern world.
Result. The mechanisms of integrated education not only attract the necessary resources and knowledge, but also, most importantly, form elements of society and the management structure, strengthening the interaction between government, business, higher education, NGOs (non-profit organizations), which provides an institutional and organizational basis for the effective development of territories with using partner and intellectual resources of universities.


startup, pre-acceleration, accelerator, technological entrepreneurship, innovative project.