UDC 336.018 (045)
DOI: 10.51409/va2022.06.02.002


Valeria Yu. Anisimova,
Nikolay M. Tyukavkin,
Samara National Research University named after Academician S. P. Korolev


At the present moment, the issues of increasing the efficiency of organizations, increasing their competitiveness in the conditions of total economic sanctions against Russia, withdrawal of foreign companies from Russian markets, organization and implementation of import substitution policy are particularly acute for domestic producers.
One of the ways to effectively solve these issues is the reengineering of innovations in business processes adopted for the implementation of investment projects. This approach, in the activities of organizations, is used when it is necessary to rethink doing business, radically change the direction of the company’s activities, reorganize the business, taking into account its functioning in new realities: business restructuring, the introduction of organizational and managerial innovations in investment activities, breakthrough production technologies, fundamental changes in production and organizational activities, changes in management structures to progressive, more advanced, etc.
The authors, in this work, to improve production technologies and ways of organizing business processes, propose an approach that changes engineering activities. This approach, using the reengineering of innovations of the organization’s business processes, guarantees the result when using the methods and tools of the applied reengineering, allows you to control the implementation of the proposed solutions and evaluate their effectiveness.


methodology, investment, reengineering, business processes, import substitution, information technology, strategy