UDC 378
DOI: 10.51409/va2022.06.02.006


M. A. Kazanina
OJSC Marine Arctic Exploration Expedition, Murmansk, Russia


Relevance. The scientific and educational space in the subjects of the Russian Arctic is heterogeneous. Personnel training for the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation urgently needs to change approaches.
Purpose. Assessment of the staffing needs of the macroregion and the possibility of meeting them with the current system of the scientific and educational space of the Arctic zone.
Conclusion. The personnel training system should be flexible enough and focus not only on “mass” professions in demand, but also on training specialists for specific high-tech investment projects. Significant changes in the structure of employment of the Arctic population can be made by digital transformation and the system of distance learning.


Arctic zone of the Russian Federation, personnel training, Arctic labor market, scientific organizations in the Arctic.