UDC 334
DOI: 10.51409/va2022.09.03.001


PhD in Economy, Associate Professor, Associate Professor Department, of Logistics and marketing Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia
PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Foreign Languages, Synergy University, Moscow, Russia


Purpose of the article. The beauty industry is the most developing area thanks to innovations in the fields of medicine, fashion and beauty. However, this market is also characterized by a constant change in consumer requirements, behind which companies should «keep up» and adapt to them in order to remain competitive in the market and expand the circle of their loyal consumers.
In this regard, the market of cosmetics, one of which is hair care, is the most dynamic. Hair care products (shampoos, balms, etc.) are everyday goods, which is why they occupy a significant share of the cosmetics market.
Materials and methods. The paper describes the dynamics of the development of Natura Siberica, examines the main trends in the Russian shampoo market, describes the portrait of a modern consumer of Natura Siberica shampoos, and makes recommendations for improving the activities of Natura Siberica.
Results. The conducted research has shown that the main trends in the shampoo market in Russia are environmental friendliness of products, superfoods for hair, reduction of water use, k-beauty, multifunctional products, as well as design and environmental friendliness of packaging.
Conclusion. Recommendations have been developed to improve the activities of Natura Siberica: continued positioning of Natura Siberica as an ecological brand; expansion of the Japonica Siberica series; creation of a convenient space for online shopping (creation of a mobile application, optimization of the official website), development of multifunctional shampoos with natural composition and the use of superfoods, focus on environmental friendliness and cleanliness of production, as well as development of personalized offers and creation of a universal shampoo.


portrait of the consumer, digital consumer, cosmetics market, development of the company’s activities.