UDC 338: 004
DOI: 10.51409/va2022.12.04.001


T. P. Gorelova
PhD in Economy, Associate Professor, Associate Professor Department, of Logistics and marketing Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia


The purpose of the work. The article is devoted to brand IT evangelists as an advanced form of direct marketing of new technologies. The subject area of the research is the improvement of communication activities and the development of communication programs in the IT industry. The purpose of the study: to show the feasibility of using the program for ambassadors Mail.ru Group as manifestations of IT evangelism.
Research objectives: to identify the communicative connection with the market; substantiate the importance of a communication program to strengthen a competitive position in the market; consider the strategic importance of ambassador programs for the IT industry
Materials and methods. The feature of IT evangelism as an advanced form of word-of-mouth marketing is studied, the communicative model and its elements are considered, the functions of communications and their characteristics are determined, the differences between IT evangelism and traditional sales are analyzed.
Results. The directions of the implementation of the ambassador program for the company are analyzed Mail.ru. It is shown that the ambassador’s program has great prospects, is effective from the first year of implementation and is necessary to increase confidence in IT companies and the IT industry as a whole. Recommendations are given to enhance the positive effect of this program.
Conclusion. Thanks to the program Mail.ru The Group will form an active community of IT evangelists who will be able to promote technologies and digital professions.


IT evangelism, ambassadors, marketing communications, communication program, ambassador’s program.