UDC 332.14
DOI: 10.51409/va2022.12.04.010


A. R. Kalinin,
Doctor of Economics, Professor of the Department of Valuation and Corporate Finance, Synergy University, Moscow, Russia
A. S. Radkov,
Postgraduate student of the Faculty of Economics of the Moscow Financial and Industrial University “Synergy”, Moscow, Russia


The purpose of the work. The issues of the development of the land use system of the Moscow agglomeration as the main link in its economic policy are considered, the analysis of the development of the land use system with conclusions about its results is given.
Materials and methods. The approaches to the study of agglomeration presented in the scientific literature are analyzed. The stages of agglomerations development and the factors influencing this process are described.
Results. The features of the development of the Moscow agglomeration are described, the most acute problems characteristic of the current situation are indicated. The role of the state in the regulation of land and property relations and land management is emphasized.
Conclusion. Prospects for further research are seen in the development of priority land use systems and their implementation in the economic and legal space.


Moscow agglomeration, land use, management, Moscow, Moscow region.